Shigatse Weather

Shigatse has a semi-arid, plateau temperate, monsoon climate. Temperatures range from a high of 23 C to a low of -25 C with an annual average temperature of 6.3 C. From November to April, the temperature is quite low and thus few travelers choose this time to visit there. June to July is considered the rainy season, but it only rains at night. Weather in daytime is quite good. In addition, April to June is the best time to visit Mt. Everest.

Due to its high elevation, the climate of Shigatse is quite harsh. It is often very dry, due to the long hours of sunshine. The ultraviolet radiation is quite strong and visitors should be prepared with a variety of sunscreens, sunglasses and lip-balms to protect them from the strong rays. Thus, the sunburn prevention lotions, sun blinkers (which are better if they can prevent the snow-blind) and lipsticks are quite necessary.
The temperature difference between the daytime and nighttime is extremely huge. During the day, especially at noon, the high temperature may cause sunstroke while the low temperature at night may contribute to people catching colds. Accordingly, warm and windproof clothes are highly recommended. Visitors should take the climate and location into consideration prior to traveling to Shigatse and medications for altitude sickness and cold remedies should be included in any travel kit.
Rainfall and Sunlight
You will not need to worry about much rainfall in summer, as it does not usually rain in Shigatse in mid-June. If it does, it almost rains at night. An umbrella should not be necessary. The average rainfall in June is only about 1 millimeter!

Best time to visit Shigatse

Summer is the best time to visit Shigatse Prefecture because the temperature is stable and cool. However, you still had better be prepared for swift changes in the weather. Winter can be too freezing.
What to wear?
Bring multiple layers of long-sleeved, warm clothes with you so you will be prepared for the changeable weather. The temperature at night is much lower than it is during the day.
Mount Everest Climate
Mount Everest’ North Base Camp is in the south of Shigatse Prefecture, sitting 5,200 meters above sea level. The weather at the base camp is typically very cold, with temperatures at the base camp often being below zero, although the sun can be very intense at that altitude.


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