How to get Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit and what time should I prepare arranging the trip?

You must have a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit. You are not allowed to apply this by yourself and this job can be handled by our company.  You need to send us clear scanned or photocopies of your valid passport date page and China Visa. No matter whether you hold “Z”, “F” or “Q” type China visa, or APEC visa, we can help you apply for permits smoothly.  We will need your specific schedule (including the entry and departure dates, means of transportation, cites you come from and leave for in China) to fill in the blanks on the permit, so we strongly suggest you arrange your travel schedule at least 15-30 days before the starting date of your trip in advance. As a professional Tibet travel agency, we can apply for the Tibet permit one month before the starting date to guarantee the whole process successful.


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